May 26, 2009

Ice is nice!

Posted in Violin Practice at 6:05 pm by theviolincase

Today I could only squeeze in a half hour of practice. But once I had the violin out I stretched it to 40 min, so that was nice.  I spent the time entirely on scales and arpeggios trying to get my strength and flexibility back.  I think it will be fine as long as I can be consistent for the long haul.

I have been icing after each practice session, just holding an ice pack in each hand or holding it to the back of my hand and wrists.  It made a huge difference last time in how long my hands were sore, so we’re trying the same thing today!  I’m icing and typing at the same time, quite a trick.

Thanks to all who have sent encouraging words.  I’m interested in hearing your story as well!


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