July 5, 2009

Fix collapsed pinky finger on violin

Posted in Violin Practice tagged , , , at 9:23 pm by theviolincase

In my new effort to get my long unused violin fingers back, I am always looking for advice and help.  I was lucky enough to be able to have a lesson with Lenore Vardi this weekend.

One problem I’ve had since I started playing is a pinky finger that collapses.  When I put any pressure on my left pinky, it just locks at the smallest knuckle and won’t stay round no matter what I do.  In my previous life I thought this was normal, just one of those things.  This time around, however, I’ve heard that other players have fixed this problem and I’m looking to remedy this so I can have more flexibility overall.

Lenore said she had this problem and was able to fix it for her in a matter of days.  She told me put my left hand palm down on a sturdy surface, make my fingers round, fingertips on the surface, and press on the pinky as hard as I can without having it collapse.  I can do this anytime, anywhere, no violin needed.

I’ve only been at it for one day, so I will report with progress as we go along.  I am very hopeful though, as I have already been able to play a few easy passages with a round pinky finger.


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