September 19, 2009

Motivation – always an issue

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Today, I really didn’t feel like practicing.  I was dreading trying to play the Bach (EM Partita) today.  Even with all the help I’ve been getting, it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better.  So I decided to give myself a little break, and play for fun!  I did all my scales and etudes, then instead of the 1st mvt of the Bach, I played through the last mvt.  It is much shorter and less technical, and very fun to play.  There are still a couple of measures that I get hung up on but overall it sounds like music.

Then I started working on an encore piece by Wieniawski. It is fun to play, a bit technical, but sounds much harder than it is.  It is a piece I played in college when I got sick of concertos, and it reminds me to have fun with my violin! It needs work of course, so I’m going to add it to the current repertoire and work it up with the others.

This totally fixed my lack of motivation.  In fact, when my hour was up I was surprised and sad.  I put the violin down anyway because my hands are still susceptible to over-work right now, but also because I wanted the session to end on a good note.  It worked beautifully.  I thought about my violin the rest of the day and looked forward to the next time I could play.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the WORK of practicing.  All the techniques we need to fix/learn, all the notes to get in tune, all the bowings to get RIGHT.  And all of that is good.  But if that’s ALL there is, then I think we’re missing out on the best parts of playing. The JOY of playing needs to be part of our practice sessions as well.


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